Safe & Unbreakable Backpack Hooks for Classrooms

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Heavy duty backpack hooks

Toughooks are unbreakable plastic backpack and coat hooks. They are an affordable, attractive way to make your changing room, classroom or halls safer.

The unique design makes these heavy duty backpack hooks virtually unbreakable. In fact we're so sure you can't break them that we guarantee it...for life.

Choose from four sizes

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All Toughooks come guaranteed for life against breakages. All 4 sizes are available in 20 colors and you can mix and match your order however you want. A safer, brighter classroom is just a few clicks away.

Rainbow Pack

Our most popular pack, the Rainbow pack, comes with 7 Toughooks in bright colors. Choose from any of our 4 Toughook Sizes.

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Designed for classroom safety

Safe hooks for schools

Available in 20 colors

Choose from 20 colors

Self-Adhesive Sticky Hooks for Hanging Anywhere

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Unbreakable Backpack Hooks for Classrooms & Schools

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