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Toughook XL

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Our newest member of the Toughook family is Toughook XL. When only a giant hook will do you need a Toughook XL.

The big boy of the family, this hook comes with the same lifetime guarantee, the same flat curve profile and the same low cost. Perfect for hanging equipment, bulky coats and bags and just about anything in between.

The Toughook XL measures 5 5/16 inches top to bottom (though with the same 3 5/32 inches rear edge as our Original Toughook: ideal for most coat rail or batten attachments) and 3/4 inch wide. The large size of this hook lets it hold much bulkier items than our Original or Mini Toughooks. 

Why Toughook?

  • No more injuries from protruding hooks - the Toughook has a flat curve profile
  • No more annual hook replacements - the Toughook is unbreakable (we guarantee it)
  • No more boring silver - the Toughook comes in 12 colors for you to mix and match however you like

Choose your colors

You can choose your Toughook XLs in 12 brilliant colors.

Choose your corporate colors, school colors, sports team colors or just your favourites. You can mix and match however you want.

There are no minimum orders for any color or quantity.


 Dimension Metric Imperial
Overall height 136mm
5 5/16 inches
Depth (from wall) 35mm 1 3/8 inches
Width 19mm 3/4 inch


Download a PDF data-sheet for the Toughook XL here

Buy Direct and Save $$$

We designed, tooled and manufacture every Toughook in our factory. There's no middleman when you buy from you're dealing with the manufacturer for the best price guaranteed.

Choose Your Own Hardware

Our Toughooks don't come with any screws or fixings, allowing you or your contractor to choose the most appropriate screws for your job. All Toughooks accept a 9/64" #6 screw.

Lifetime Guarantee

If your Toughook breaks, just send it back to us and we'll send you a replacement hook. It's that simple. We haven't had to replace one yet and we even built a climbing wall out of them.


Spend $50 for free standard delivery. Express shipping is also available - get your hooks within 2-3 working days.

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