Toughook Stickies (7 pack)

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Toughook Stickies are convenient, colorful hooks that you can stick anywhere. 

Use them at home, work, school, in the garage, in the office - anywhere you need to hang something quickly and conveniently. The 3M sticky pads that come with every Toughook sticky will keep your hooks stuck firmly in place and will hold up to 14oz with confidence.

Perfect for hanging keys, accessories, light items of clothing, toys and much more.

How to use Toughook Stickies

  • Apply to a smooth, clean, dry surface (this part is really important! - stickies can't stick on non-smooth or porous surfaces like wood or concrete
  • Pick your position carefully, once they're stuck on, they're stuck on - the pads are single use only and cannot be peeled and reapplied
  • Holds up to a maximum of 14oz thanks to 3M sticky technology

Choose your colors

There are 12 superb colors available. Each pack of Stickies contains 7 hooks. This is usually 7 hooks of the same color.

If you want a mix of color, choose our Rainbow Pack for 1 each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Fern Green, Navy Blue, Hot Pink and Deep Purple.

There are no minimum orders - order 1 pack or 100.

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