Unbreakable Coat and Bag Hooks for Schools

Toughooks are the origianl unbreakable plastic coat and bag hooks.

They are an affordable, colorful and attractive way to make your changing room, classroom or halls safer.

Thanks to their nylon construction and flat-curve profile, Toughooks are the safer alternative to metal hooks. In fact, their unique design makes them virtually unbreakable.

Toughooks do three things incredibly well:

1. Reduce the risk of injuries from dangerous metal coat hooks

2. Bring color and brighten your school

3. Remove the need to constantly replace broken hooks, by being completely unbreakable

Once brittle metal hooks get broken or deliberately vandalised they become even more dangerous, thanks to jagged and sharp edges. Toughooks are unbreakable plastic coat hooks with smooth edges that won’t injure or cause damage to property.

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Safer than dangerous metal coat hooks

The tall design of the Toughook is designed to replace old fashioned pointy metal hooks. We designed Toughooks to use or cover the holes left from replacing metal coat hooks. 

There are four sizes to choose from including our heavy duty Toughook XL

Absolutely unbreakable, guaranteed

We're pretty sure that the Toughook is the strongest coat hook you can buy. We're so confident that we offer our Toughook Lifetime Guarantee on every unbreakable hook in our range. If it breaks whilst in normal use, let us know and we’ll replace it. As simple as that..

Not convinced? We used Toughooks to build a climbing wall in Scotland. Not a single hook bent or broke, in fact they are now being used in the changing rooms!

Toughook Climbing Wall

Twenty exciting colors

From Antique White to Deep Purple we've got a color that will suit your needs. We have 20 colors in total and you can choose to mix and match however you want.

The best value unbreakable coat hooks available anywhere

Choosing Toughooks means you buy direct from the manufacturer, and original designers.

Because we own the machinery, tooling and factory that produces Toughooks – you can’t get a better deal on unbreakable plastic coat hooks.

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You can buy four sizes and choose from 20 colors of Toughooks right now online. No matter how many hooks you need for your project our online ordering system and secure checkout can handle it.

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